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December 14, 2010

The 'Country Chic' look..

Kate Middleton here pulling off the country chic look with her tweeds on looking very respectable.

Country Chic has definitely made an impact on the Fashion world this year. Items such as 'Hunter' wellies which used to be a necessity for living in the country are now selling for three times more as a major fashion item, worn by celebrities such as Kate Moss and the Oslen twins. Other items such as Barbour jackets and Tweed Jackets have been huge Fashion garments. I love to see fashion out in the country. Farming and livestock workers can now join in with fashion, where as before the hunter wellies the quilted jackets were a must to keep warm and dry.

Gertrude's Opinion - "Hunter, Barbour and other brands are very practical with the recent weather which has been out of control!! The way I feel about the whole matter is that basically have to own a country manor to afford these garments! It is getting quite ridiculous, if I were to buy a fake one without the Barbour Label I would very much so be putting my social status in jeopardy. I frankly find it quite pathetic, fashion is supposed to be about being yourself, not being a fashion cut out of someone else!"

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